vendredi 30 mars 2012

Slow living

I am trying to continue to pick up new ideas about upcycling from enormous sources of internet.
While reading many blogs I come across another ideas which are connected to my favorite subject.
One of it - slow movement and slow living.
Our life became so hectic!
Metro, boulot, dodo (french expression) - stands for ''metro, job, sleep''.
Running, running, running hole day and week trough. 
Slow movement it is everything about good life, healthy food, enjoying every simple moment of your life that can make you happier!
It is friday! Stop running! Enjoy your weekend!

One of my Etsy treasuries connected to this post

mardi 27 mars 2012

Clothes obesity

People are suffering from 'clothes obesity'. Now-days many of us have  cupboards full of clothes, books, shoes and other stuff which is just laying on the shelf being never used. Storage has no difference with premature death. Why don't we use them any more? Most of the time not because we do not like color, or model. It's just because we do not have time to use them. The design of  Isabel Valdes Marin's dress allow you to wear many of your unused clothes at the same time.
'Matter of time'  - one of the master projects of Design Academy Eindhoven 2011.
'Matter of time' is the artwork f social design which connects human needs with the real needs of our time.
/via Textiel plus number 219/

A Matter of Time: Black from Isabel Valdés Marín on Vimeo.

dimanche 25 mars 2012

Tie me up & tie me down

 The men tie attracted my attention while typing the previous post about Guerra de la Paz.
This essential attribute of business men dressing code went through the experiments of eco-fashion designers because of it's enormous color and pattern palette and I suppose quite good state after even years of usage.
Here is the examples of upcycling ideas picked form internet and collection of great Etsy-designers working with this material.

Alabama Chanin takes recycling to funky, stylish new heights with ladder-back kitchen chairs from the 1920's-1970's, reworked and artfully woven with vintage men's ties

Recycled tie necklace by Laura Skelton

New year tree via NYC daily photo

Etsy eco-fashion designers

samedi 24 mars 2012

Guerra de la Paz

Guerra de la Paz is an artist studio formed by two persons Alain Guerra en Neraldo de la Paz. They collect and reuse the clothes and transform enormous mass of colorful textile into pieces of art. Themselves they call their creations as cynic, trying to pass the message about the consuming society in all degrees. Color, texture, social portraits, humor, cynicism, the idea - what do you like more in this incredible world, created by 2 artists?