samedi 30 octobre 2010

Fasten seatbelt & Upcycle2

Today story is about car seat belts upcycling.
The cars become old, the seat belts are dirty after multiple usage.
But somebody has always genius idea to reuse it.
I think about my car when my boys are eating cookies and touch everything after with their small hands full of cream or jam.
Oh! It is not easy work, the belts are supposed to be washed first!
But the result is impressive.
If you would like to change your car for new eco-model or for electrical car do not forget to cut the seat belts before you leave it at scrapyard and Upcycle2

Variation of bags:

By Interrobang

By Bagnole

Home decoration by Ting

Repose Lounge by Chris Burton

Chaise long Roger

Funny renovation of old car by two artists Ann Conte and Jeanne Wiley

mercredi 27 octobre 2010

Upcycling idea - Dress Natasha

I was absente for hole week for very good reason - vacation!
It was so nice to come down from Netherlands to the south of France
You automatically multiply the temperature from here by 2 and as a result a lot of pleasure to walk on the sunny streets and to seat in the cafe, always with the sun
But home missed me and my upcycling experiments also
Just next day after return I have finished the dress
I have called it Natasha
And as usual there is a story behind...
My sister Natasha asked me to saw the skirt similar to such which I have in my Etsy shop (Skirt Fleur)
That skirt is very small, for girls of 4 years old
I have started with the same idea, picked all my cut pieces of fabric from old jeans and pants
For first time I have made my own pattern of the skirt
immediately  it was obvious that it will never be possible to repeat the design
The pieces of fabric are too small for the women skirt
The advantage of upcycling and creative work in general is that you never know how the end product will look like
After few sessions the skirt became the dress
I had to use the new fabric as well, the top part is upcycled t-shirt
Here it is, my wonderful dress Natasha
It will be soon available in my Etsy shop

vendredi 15 octobre 2010

Zip, Zip, Zip - Upcycle2

Today the presentation is about Zip upcycling ideas.
I did not tried this technique yet. Certainly I will use this idea in my future works.
Internet sources are huge, many designers have already adopted old zips as their preferable material.
If you would like to deep-in this subject you can find many links here.
Enjoy this nice works and Upcycle2:





mardi 12 octobre 2010

Dress Ivanna

If you follow this blog you may remember that in the first post about pulover of DamDam I have ambitiously announced about the following upcycling idea with the sleeves. 
Believe me it is coming ! The idea exists but the realisation is still pending. 
The famous sleeves of old pulover take their new place in the poncho. 
As I have tried to make the design myself it takes time. 
To make a brake I have made today the new girl dress. New and old stuff together. 
It is not completely upcycled. Only red fabric is the old shirt of Ivan. Son of my good friend. 
I called this dress Ivanna. I have used very nice ribbon from Old Stuff Shop.
I am happy – my project of upcycling ideas is developing gradually

dimanche 10 octobre 2010

Mode Marché Rotterdam

Yesterday we went to the Maritime Museum to see Mode Marché.

The presentation of the young Dutch fashion designers.
Another purpose - SHOPPING! as we (girls) like it

I was curious to now what kind of designers will be there.
Being prepared to the jet-set ambiance I found the atmosphere surprisingly relaxed.
For sure with the fashion-style in the air
Even the changing room was open for everybody and it reminded me the spectacles in our student theater when everybody changed his costumes together just behind the stage
It was funny. I heard: 'Oh! I liked this dress also...'' here and there
Ambiance between girlfriends when we go together for sales
My husband DamDam was courageous to accompany me together with our boys to such women-event
The most useful for him was possibility to visit the exhibition

Fashion, Ahoy! The nautical look in the world of fashion

It is worth to be seen. Till March 2011. 
If you do not have opportunity to visit Rotterdam we have made few photos 
Special worlds to my personal findings
Thanks for the beautiful tunic to Iefke de Roos.
Her collection is feminine and delicate. 
This is my new tunic

I liked also the bracelets, design and illustrations of Maartje Dijkstra.

At the end we drunk coffee with chocolate from Marco Harreman who has presented his nearly opened chocolate shop CHOCOHOLIC. Mmmm... 
Nice evening! 

Works from famous couturiers

Our Rotterdam much-much aimé

vendredi 8 octobre 2010

Up-cycling idea - Old blue jeans

The story which is behind this up-cycling idea is quite interesting

I had blue jeans Levi’s as many of us have
But… This jean was special, for sure because it was mine:)
No, this jeans I bought when we were leaving in India
Almost 5 years ago in very big city of textiles-Surat

I just had left Russia and went to work with my husband in an extraordinary country India. Probably my faithful friends remember that at this time I had written a lot about my  first impressions.  Unfortunately I did not keep any letter.  I still have the souvenirs, a few photos and old blue jeans
Surat  seemed a huge city for us. There were not so many tourists and not many shops with European women clothes. So while my garderob consisted of Traditional Indian clothing.
I did not wear a sari. For Indian women it is simply casual wear. For me it was embarrassing to go at work with part of body completely open.
So back to the jeans. We lived there for 2 years and of course we found  shops with European clothing and European-style restaurants in Bombay. All things we missed at that time in our home-city Surat
Now we are leaving in Holland.
Jeans became old, and did not want to throw it away. It's such a rarity ! So I decided to make an apron with it
The success of it is fabulous, all our friends like it 
Basically the story of Moi Aussi started with my jeans