jeudi 30 septembre 2010

Mode & Design - 2nd round

Yesterday our exercise was to develop the design which we have made last time.
When you are not a painter and do not draw very good (as me) the task was almost as ''mission impossible''.
Finally it was easier than I thought: transparent paper + pen and based on the sketch of Marion (our teacher), my fashion lady got 4 new sets.
Here there are in black & white

Next lesson we will learn an interesting technique - how to make your own design of textile using painting & stamps....
Mmmm ... we were asked to ware old clothes!
The colors will be everywhere!!!

mercredi 29 septembre 2010


Almost all week without any posts!
Busy, busy with Etsy...
Last week I have started the new design using sleeves from pullover of DamDam.
My sister in low was worried if her brother still have something to ware.
My scissors are sharp! Attention!
So these sleeves gave me headache - I am not satisfied with the pattern.
I have to adjust it
Just to change the subject in my head I have made new pillow.
Yes I know - it is not very difficult...
I called it Puzzle. You will understand why - see the pictures below
As my sons I was busy to assemble small cuts of fabric which I use in combination with blue sleeves...
Oh these famous sleeves!

Good news!
It will not go on Etsy and not in our salon
First person who wright me email with his address will receive it by post

''Puzzle'' is already send to the winner! Thank you!

lundi 27 septembre 2010

Moi Aussi on Etsy

Hi, Privet, Bonjour, Hello!
Ouf! I have nearly finished to set my shop on Etsy
And I am so happy that my works were already seen.

Thank you very much for your attention and your comments.
They give me confidence, good energy and wish to create!

The name of my shop is MoiAussi13
You can find it searching with shop name or with location Netherlands, Rotterdam

Why this name?
 Oh! I thought that the chosen name is very, very unique
Apparently the combination of words Moi & Aussi is used by somebody.
I have added 13 at the end
Nice figure? N'est-ce pas?
Hope it will bring me a chance!

mercredi 22 septembre 2010

Mode & design - 1st round

Today I have started the course "Mode & design'' in the association SKVR.
It is fantastic!
I did not even expected that it will be so amazing and I will meet very different and interesting people.
I read on the site of SKVR that it will be course about fashion and famous designers with series of workshops.
Today was 1st round.
We have received the drawing with the women's body without any cloth.
Our teacher has prepared the copies from the books showing the works of Marliz Frencken, scissors, glue, pens, sheets from newspapers... And we have made our 1st design of clothes.
The best thing - at the end of course we will make it REAL!
I am already waiting for next week...
This is my ''Fashion Lady'':

mardi 21 septembre 2010

Jean Shin

I have found the picture which fully corresponds to my creative process.
The clothes which I collect and reuse are looking as the seams at the top of the blog page.
The name of artist is Jean Shin. Enjoy her colorful projects:

lundi 20 septembre 2010

Up-cycling ideas - Pulover Gaastra of DamDam

I am very proud to announce that the main idea of Moi Aussi is create something new from old things.
Actually the things are not always very old. In our society of consumption we all like to buy-buy-buy many things.
Sometimes we do not even need them, we wear clothes few times and buy again to be up-to-day or for any other reason.
I am a patriot of up-cycling and recycling.
I do not know in which country the idea of giving second chance to things was born.
Maybe in Russia? We always say with my russian friend that we have ''sovkoviy mentality''.
Mentality of pour people from Soviet who did not have access to all advantages of capitalism.
And we used to keep things at home, we did not through them away.
So my first sense of up-cycling is rooted in Russia where I was born.
And recently I have got the information about Cradle to Cradle Design (C2C)
In the Cradle to Cradle model, all materials used in industrial or commercial processes are seen to fall into one of two categories: ''technical'' or ''biological''. Using C2C model before producing something we are suppose to think - should it go further to the nature or it can be recycled, up-cycled. Very interesting story! Consume differently. 
For sure this is the global idea in the world is not so conscious to make the step to such structure.
Slowly it will come I believe.

I would like to show what we can do with old pullover (trendy by the way) of my husband DamDam.
This lovely Blue Gaastra pulover is being one of the first up-cycling experience of Moi Aussi
Here it is:

And look at these funny cushions:

Cushion ''Pinky Horse''

Cushion ''Pinocchio'':

I have already idea what I will do with sleeves, hold on! Next story is coming soon...

dimanche 19 septembre 2010

Moi Aussi is born

Finally I have started. The idea to create my own label has started to run in my head few months ago.
The day I have discovered beautiful blogs Bloesem and also Etsy.
Sewing was my childhood hobby allowed to dress myself and also to earn a bit of money.
This summer I have had a plenty of time and was discovering all internet community of designers and crafters.

In difficult 90's in Russia sewing was not only a hobby for many young ladies but a possibility to be slightly different, to earn money and to be independent from your parents.
After coming to Europe I did not think to start again sewing. All kind of clothes are now available for any tastes. But... I need to create, to express myself and to share my hobby.

Voila, from today the new page of my life starts!
Welcome to my blog Moi Aussi!

I was searching the name for my label. Many of them were already used and I have told myself ''Allez! Be creative! You pretend to be a Designer!'' No ideas!
But one day we have received with my boys new kids magazine.
The funny song with the title Moi Aussi (''Me too'') was about one sister and one brother.
They always wanted to do the same things and plays and repeated ''moi-aussi, moi-aussi''
And it was the great moment for me! It is the fantastic name for my label!
I have checked immediately if  existed already.
It was free!
Me too, I would like to make my own design, create something new and individual.
C'est parti (let's go)